Elegance or Laid-Back

Serving Breakfast & Dinner

Located In Gateway Inn, just 1 mile from the West Entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park, Wild Bear Tavern proudly serves a grand variety of area-sourced global cuisine. Indulge in a culinary journey at Wild Bear Tavern and Den, where a myriad of dining options awaits. From the laid-back ambiance of our tavern restaurant upstairs to the refined elegance of the den below, there’s an experience tailored to every palate. Our ever-evolving menu ensures that each visit is a delightful surprise, with new flavors and dishes to savor. Curious about what’s cooking right now? Click the link below to explore the current offerings at the Tavern restaurant and Den. Please note that if no items are listed, it means we’re currently closed; however, do check back during our opening hours or feel free to drop by in person for a taste of our latest creations.


Main Lobby: Wild Bear Tavern

**The menus at Wild Bear Tavern and Den are subject to changes to ensure fresh and exciting dining experiences. The link provided below showcases a sample of previously offered items. For the latest updates and current menu offerings, we invite you to visit the Tavern/Den in person or click on ‘Current Menu Offerings’ when we are open.


Downstairs:Wild Bear Den